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Case study: Sayang Wines CONCEPT DEVELOPMENT & BRAND REGISTRATION enter site Wynamics likes to work on projects that are coherent, rather than glued together from small loose parts. For Sayang Wines it was clear from the start to kick off the project from a whole different angle, even if it is a mix of traditional ingredients brought in a modern way. Key was the international character of the brand and creating curiosity to get to know more about the brand. Реагент в Энгельс-19 IDENTITY & GRAPHICS
From the concept briefing we work out in detail, we analyse and distill design briefing that will allow to visualise the brand. Identitity criteria were defined. The logo as well as labels are tackled in a second phase. Then the visuals for website and print get done. All elements have to answer to the criteria that were defined in the conceptual briefing.

The style of the brand needs to be coherent with the style of the wines. Sourcing of possible wine components was carried out and blends were made, taking into account the concept en predefined style.

This is where the business aspect joins the creative work done. The positioning of the brand led tot the framework of the wines and tiers, with a clear structure and levels in which the lowest level was not put in the market from the beginning.

Professional pack shots were made per wine as well as information sheets, derived from the artwork elements that were defined in the briefings.

We write the content and text for all front labels, back labels, website articles, informatie sheets, documents,... all in a comprehensive, informative, inviting yet easy to read and understand way. It is a fine balance to attain both 'novice' wine drinkers who lack knowledge and at the same time pass on information that is useful to wine lovers at their level.

The website was built. Software was chosen, taking into account future developments and needs. Sections and structures were outlined. Images were searched for and photoshopped, following brand design guidelines and predefined style, as to render a coherent imagery. The professional pack shots and content were placed into the system. The content management system allows the client to add - modify - delete - put on hold - archive -.... all content and modules. A B2B mailing system was put into place and social media added, where Facebook acts as the leading B2C communication platform.

We examined what kind of communication was needed, what level and which environment, and for what purpose. Logo, slogans and imagery were selected to create a pull up banner, panels, A4 adverts, brochure, house style - letterheads - business cards - envelopes - banners - ....

We keep the press informed of the brand and its development. Importers get support during their events and tastings. Also for (international) fairs, we are at your service.